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Dean Karnazes:

Athlete / Bestselling Author / Speaker

Highly visible ultra-marathoner and author Dean Karnazes needed a convenient way to maintain constant presence in front of growing fan base of dedicate runners and fitness enthusiasts – especially during his well-publicized mission to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days in 2006. Serving not only as a site to keep fans up-to-date, but as a self-promotional tool to help Dean book speaking engagements and showcase his media coverage, is the online presence of the world’s most famous long-distance runner.

Why it worked: The right mix of information, entertainment, and up-to-date news delivered a message running enthusiasts could connect to. Interactive visual displays like the Virtual Runner increased time spent on site pages.

Success Metrics: helped Dean build an e-mail newsletter list to over 25,000 verified names, enhancing his viability as a running author and product spokesperson. DK currently has a loyal fan base of 76,000+ on Facebook following DK’s every move.

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Running Man

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DK in the studio.

Cosmic Planet impressed me on a couple different levels. Their responsiveness and attention to detail was terrific, though it was their remarkable design creativity that really wowed me."
Dean Karnazes, Athlete / Bestselling Author / Speaker