LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes


LEGO Super Heroes Unite!


LEGO® DC Universe Super Heroes

Batman. Superman. And… LEGO? To promote a new partnership with Marvel and DC comics, LEGO called on CP to build a contest-platform microsite that took advantage of the unique concurrence of interest between LEGO enthusiasts and comic book fans. The LEGO Super Heroes microsite, a platform for user-generated content including videos and photos, automatically shared content through social media channels like Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.

Why it worked: The LEGO Super Heroes was a natural fit for the creative, curious minds that comprise the LEGO fan base. The streamlined entry process kept costs down (photo and video hosting was done on Flickr and Youtube, respectively), and the social media sharing aspect drove participation numbers up for this deep-brand-engagement project.

LEGO Super Heroes Unite!

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