We Play with Pixels

Hi, we’re CP.

We like to capture things with cameras, create things on screens, and build digital experiences. We’re big fans of palm trees, catching waves, and starting each day with a tall glass of water. We got our start in a 3rd floor apartment overlooking San Francisco’s Inner Sunset District in 1999. In 2013, we’re a seasoned creative production house, working with brands known across the world. Our specialties? High-end video production and editing and integrating quality video into an accessible, interactive web platform.

We play with things on screens.

Here’s a simple way to explain what we do: if it belongs on a screen, we can get it there. Video. Web. Motion graphics. Our work isn’t defined by a genre – it’s marked by creativity and quality. Whether it’s building websites for world-class athletes like ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes, or putting together how-tos for products like the GoPro POV camera, CP is a digital media shop that can deliver the message, tell the story, and engage the audience.

It starts with what you dream of.

At Cosmic Planet, we know a little secret: Good stories create their own audiences. So we want you to dream big.

You need to deliver a message.

Put on a show. Make something people can play with. We can do all of that. Whether it’s a video, brand microsite, or a connected, interactive online experience, CP can help you create something you’ll want to show everyone.

We help you navigate the digital terrain.

Reaching the right audience means using the right tools – and taking the right path to get there. In the digital, connected era, you’ve got choices – sometimes too many. We can help you decide what works best for your brand.

We know where to go.

We’ve got all of the toys – and the people who use them at our disposal. Guys with pricey cameras. Audio experts in soundproof rooms. People who stare at screens for hours on end. We can shoot and edit a compelling video narrative – then integrate it into a cohesive, branded online presence or build any on-screen world you can dream of.

We design fun.

What’s fun? Things that are easy to use and impossible to keep to yourself. We want to tell stories people will have to share, build experiences they’ll want to have over and over again, and create relationships that last a lifetime.

We do what you want – and need.

CP isn’t just one person, nor is it dozens of people – we’re a content-creating collective that can efficiently mobilize to take on any digital mission. This offers you the advantage of scale – we can go big or small depending on work within your budget to maximize the creative output of every dollar spent.